Houstonians can help war dogs find forever homes with Mission K9 Rescue

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- As Americans honor their fallen military members on Memorial Day, one K9 rescue group hopes they also give back to help dogs who saved countless soldiers' lives.

Starting on Memorial Day and running through July 4, Rover Oaks Pet Resort is hosting Operation: War Dogs.

Anyone can visit Rover Oaks Pet Resort and donate money, or give online. All of the funds go to a group that works with war dogs.

After they put their lives on the line, it's now the dogs who need saving, and it can be any loving family who is willing to do so. The group that works with the canines is Mission K9 Rescue.

Right now, there are 26 dogs at the group's facility. Many of them, including Toy, served overseas.

"Toy was an explosive detection dog in Afghanistan," Mission K9 Rescue president, Kristen Maurer said.

For nearly a decade, the organization has worked with hundreds of dogs. They receive therapy, and medical attention.

The group also pays thousands to get the dogs back with their handlers to enjoy civilian life.

"Every bit of it is worth it," Maurer said. "Every bit of blood, sweat, tears, has all been worth it because these dogs save lives."

In order to do so, the group needs money. Last year, it spent more than $230,000 in medical expenses. Rover Oaks Pet Resort is collecting money through the Fourth of July at its west Houston, and Katy locations.

In eight years, the business has collected more than $150,000 toward Mission K9 Rescue, and the money doesn't only benefit military families.

Some of these dogs aren't able to return to their handlers. For $250, an approved applicant can take a dog home.

If you're a veteran or first responder, there's no fee. A companion, the group says, is just waiting for their forever home.

"They lived this other life and now they're being spoiled rotten in a house on a sofa," Maurer explained. "Man, whoever adopts them is lucky because these dogs are grateful."

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