3 Waller High School football players held together by brotherly bond

WALLER, Texas (KTRK) -- Eight miles east of Waller High School is where "Boys and Girls Country" is located, a housing community for children ages 5 to 21.

This is the same place where Waller football players Akia Jones, Andrew Thomas and Leo Cimbron met and became the best of friends in addition to foster brothers.

"At first we did not all get along because of our personalities. I'm goofy and they are bit more serious," Jones says.

All three have a bond that is like no other and back each other on the field, with homework assignments and with dinner duties.

"They never rat each other out. It does not matter what I ask. They will never tell on each other," Waller head football coach Jim Phillips says.

This 2018 season will be the last year the three seniors will get to play together.

"This will be our last ride together," Leo says. "We need to make the most of it and try to advance as far as possible in the playoffs."
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