Waitress shot while trying to help carjacking victim in southwest Houston

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A waitress trying to stop a crime was shot outside a bar in southwest Houston Sunday.

That waitress was helping another woman outside the bar on Westheimer near Kirkwood.

"It's a typical story, you know. The bad thing always happens to the good person, unfortunately," said another waitress Ashley Romano.

The good person she's talking about is 24-year-old Cassie Anderson. She's in the hospital now with gunshot wounds on both of her legs. A bullet also went through the window of the Bull and Bear Tavern.

The gunman is still on the run.

"His face was just completely blank. He wasn't ashamed of what he did. He didn't feel any horror for what he had done. The fact that he was shooting anyone -- just didn't care," said customer Sorcha Costagian.

It happened during the height of Sunday afternoon's heavy rain. First, a man tried to steal a customer's car.

"The lady saw the gentleman breaking into her car. She went out there, was fighting with him because he was in the vehicle," Costagian said.

A male bartender and Anderson ran outside to help out.

"The male tried to fire at the male bartender and missed and hit Cassie and he's just torn up about it. He wishes that it had not hit her," said Romano. "As of right now, she is doing well. She's awake, so we're hoping for a really good result there."
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