Vehicles crash down onto other vehicles after parking garage collapse in Irving

IRVING, Texas -- Two sections of a suburban Dallas parking garage collapsed five hours apart, sending vehicles and rubble onto other vehicles below.

Assistant Fire Chief Jack Taylor said there appeared to be no injuries in the initial 11:30 a.m. Tuesday collapse in Irving, or in the 4:30 p.m. collapse of an adjoining section.

Taylor said 21 vehicles were damaged in the initial collapse and 8 to 10 were damaged in the second. He said the rest of the garage may be too unsafe to retrieve the dozens of cars still undamaged.

A reporter asked the building owner if the building had been inspected recently, but he refused to respond to her question.

In the first collapse, a large square section of the top deck of the two-story garage fell to the ground below. Video of the second showed the concrete of the upper deck crumbling beneath other cars.
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