Police officer caught on video pinning 19-year-old, punching him in the head during arrest

DOVER, New Jersey -- A police officer in New Jersey was caught on video pinning a 19-year-old to the ground and punching him in the head.

The video shows an officer punching Cyprian Luke repeatedly in the face as he is restrained. One officer had his hand around Luke's throat.

Luke is now in custody and in a lot of pain. His family and friends are furious with how police arrested him, and are claiming police brutality.

Officers are heard ordering Luke to turn over, while another officer was on top of the suspect. Others were also holding him down, making it impossible for him to turn over.

"I know that there were multiple blows. There were multiple macings. After that, they was dragging me to the ambulance, because I couldn't walk," said Luke.

It happened 2 a.m. Saturday. Eyewitness News was told that Luke and his friend were on their way to get a tattoo in Dover. They were right in front of the police station when Luke was confronted. Police say they had an arrest warrant for him on a domestic case.

"They didn't tell him they had a warrant for his arrest. They just tackled him to the ground. They pepper sprayed him. He wasn't resisting at all. He was trying to cover his face, because they kept punching him," said the suspect's younger brother, Christopher Luke.

On Sunday night, dozens came out to protest the police, including the friend who took the video.

"They were just beating the crap out of him. They didn't give him a chance, because he really couldn't move," said photographer Marcus Robinson.

Luke's mother says the situation is 'devastating.'

"I am a mess. I cannot believe. My son could've been killed over that turning blue situation. It's not right," she said.

Eyewitness News is told the Morris County Prosecutor is now investigating the case under the supervision of the New Jersey State Attorney General office.

Luke is due to face a judge on Monday.
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