Video released in fatal shooting of 'Cops' crew member

Newly released video shows the dramatic and deadly officer-involved shooting which claimed the life of a crew member of the TV show "Cops."

Bryce Dion, 38, was fatally shot while filming the show in Omaha, August 2014.

The video shows Dion, who was a sound mixer, and a cameraman riding along with two Omaha police officers when they responded to a robbery call at a Wendy's restaurant.

Just as the officers enter the store they are confronted by the armed suspect who fires what appeared to be a handgun, but turned out to be a pellet gun, according to investigators.

Cortez Washington, 32, was killed in the confrontation.

Authorities say Dion was accidentally hit by a police bullet even though he was wearing a bulletproof vest.

"He was holding his boom, fish pole up, which then exposed the unprotected area, because he was wearing a ballistic vest," said Dion's friend, Hank Barr.

In the video, you see Dion slumped against a wall next to his sound equipment.

A district judge released the video as part of a wrongful death lawsuit brought by Dion's brother who claims the police department was negligent during the deadly encounter.

The graphic video is expected to be a key part of the trial set to begin in July.
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