Kentucky man arrested for attacking neighbor with weed wacker

A Bullitt County, Kentucky man says his neighbor attacked him with a weed wacker in an attack that was caught on video. He says it's the latest in a string of confrontations that have been getting progressively worse.

Thomas McMullan looks like he fought with an animal and lost. He's scratched up and scarred from his chest to his neck after the dispute with his neighbor.

"I got to watch how I move my arm, because it pulls, and it wants to pull back apart in here," he said to WDRB-TV, touching the wounds.

Surveillance and cell phone video shows some of what happened just after noon Sunday. The footage appears to show McMullan approaching the fence and looking over at his neighbor, 67-year old Larry Haynes, who was using his weed wacker. Haynes pauses, then looks up and brings the weed wacker blade toward the camera.

"Call the police," McMullan said in the video. "He just attacked me with the f***** weed eater."

McMullan believes Haynes was riled up over fireworks debris left in his yard earlier in the week. McMullan, his wife and two of their four children had been outside cleaning up from a party. The 36-year-old father said his older neighbor was "chewing up" his privacy fence on purpose, and he wanted to get it on camera due to their history of explosive altercations.

McMullan said, "I could feel the blood start running down me and feel the burn, and I was like, 'Did this really just happen?'"

Bullitt County Sheriff's deputies arrested Haynes and charged him with second-degree assault.

The weed wacker attack is far from the first incident between Haynes and McMullan. In fact, in the last four years, records show there have been 40 911 calls between their homes, bringing cops to the property line.