Marine Veteran speaks out after shooting alleged teen robber

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Alexander Borrego was just outside his garage last night at his home on Remington Springs on the northeast side.

"I was on my phone listening to music and the next thing I knew, I had a gun to the back of my head," Borrego said.

Three more guys were trying to push him towards the front door, inside the house, where his family was inside.

"I saw my wife's face and my daughter's and that was it," said Borrego.

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The teen robbers likely had no idea who they were targeting. Borrego is a Marine Veteran, who served through 2009, and was carrying his gun in the front pouch of his hoodie.

"My last thought before I pulled the trigger was don't be the last one to fall. Stay up as long as you can," said Borrego.

He says he had one bullet in the chamber and the gun was on safety. He knew he just had to get his finger on the safety before turning around and firing.

"The guy I hit dropped his gun when he was running," said Borrego.

You can still see a bullet hole in the family car. Some neighbors say they saw the teens walking in the neighborhood earlier, another captured them passing by on home surveillance video.

When Borrego turned his gun on them, you can see two of them running from the scene, but they didn't get far. Security Officer Arthur Chatman Jr. works the neighborhood and caught up to them.

"I encountered two of the suspects, running in the neighborhood on the opposite side of the subdivision, detained them, got their information and passed it on to Harris County Sheriff's Department," said Chatman.

One suspect was injured, two captured and a fourth still on the run, but the homeowner, veteran, husband and father is still standing.

"You just don't mess with a man's family, that's it," he said.

Sheriff's Deputies say Borrego will not face any charges.

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