Pastor forgives vandals who 'tagged' his church and spray painted their apology

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Vandals spray paint apology after tagging church building (KTRK)

A pastor is willing to forgive those who vandalized his church.

Vandals spray painted graffiti all over the building. Once they realized it was a church, they wrote an apology, also in spray paint, on a wall.

"We love them and, as a church, we'd love to have them come back and do the right thing. We would take them into our youth group," Pastor Mark Petty of Woodside Community Church said to WISH-TV.

The pastor says he is in the process of converting the building into a youth center.

Petty says nothing was stolen, not even his new printer, DVD player or computer.

Besides the graffiti, the vandals unloaded a fire extinguisher in his office.

So far, police have not made any arrests.
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