Jell-O releases edible slime you can play with and eat

Slime has become a big trend among children.

It's stretchy, colorful, sticky and sometimes, it looks so good that kids try to eat it.

Well, the kind you make with borax and glue is, of course, not at all safe to consume.

However, there is now a kind of slime you can eat.

Jell-O is about to roll out a new line of edible slime.

The tagline? You can play with it and eat it.

There's a pink, strawberry-flavored one called Unicorn Slime and a green, lime-flavored canister called Monster Slime.

To make the edible slime, just add water to the mix and it turns into the stretchy goo that looks just like the other, non-edible slime.

Parents have raised a few concerns on whether this can get dangerous, and whether it is sanitary.
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