Young girl nearly hit by car while boarding school bus in Wisconsin

Thursday, December 13, 2018
Driver narrowly misses a child while passing stopped bus.
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Driver narrowly misses a child while passing stopped bus.

RHINELANDER, Wisconsin -- Video shows the moment a young girl was nearly hit by a truck at her bus stop in Wisconsin.

WJFW reported, a truck driver went around the stopped bus on the right-hand shoulder.

Video shows the child climbed up the steps just a moment after the truck passed through.

Bowen's Bus service manager Kim Weyers was horrified when she saw the video.

"My heart dropped," said Weyers. "It was maybe a second away from being the ultimate tragedy."

The driver never stopped. Police say they are trying to learn more about the driver of the car.

Oneida County Sheriff's Capt. Tyler Young says this was an "oh my goodness" moment.

"It took my breath away. I was shocked," Young said.

Young encourages people to take action if they witness a similar situation.

"Call 911, try to give a description of the vehicle, the location, if possible, plates, and if you can keep it in view obviously, until law enforcement can respond," said Young.

Police plan to charge the driver with reckless endangerment when identified.