UH ahead of the curve when it comes to diversity

ByMayra Moreno KTRK logo
Friday, December 4, 2015

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The University of Houston has been ranked as the second most diverse campus in the country, According to Forbes.

In the 60s -- when times were tough all across the U.S. -- the University of Houston was always one step ahead.

It's a house that unites all races.

"The University of Houston is one of the most diverse universities in the U.S.," said former NBA player and UH grad, Ottis Birdsong.

However, it wasn't always the case.

"Originally when the school started in '27, it was part of HISD," said Mary Manning, U of H archivist.

As the school grew, so did the face of Houston.

"There were tumultuous times in the 60's," said Manning.

At a time when all across the country, minorities and women were fighting for their rights, the University of Houston was ahead of the curve.

"When she heard her name announced, she couldn't believe it," said Manning.

It was November 1968. Lynn Eusan was the first African-American homecoming queen in a predominantly white school in the south.

"We have a park and stage dedicated to her," said Manning.

Also, when it came to sports, we we're also ahead.

The late phenomenal coach, Guy V. Lewis, was one of the first in the south to recruit African American players.

"Coach never saw color. He just wanted to win. He treated everyone the same," said Birdsong.

Today, it's easy to see why no matter the race, we all bleed big red.