Man's family accuses Uber driver of assault on Facebook

BUCKHEAD, GA (KTRK) -- Atlanta police are trying to determine what happened to a man who claimed he was robbed by an Uber driver early Sunday morning.

The man's sister posted on social media about the alleged incident and her post has since gone viral. But the company says there's no way the robbery could have happened the way she describes it.

The area behind Peachtree Presbyterian Church in Buckhead has drainage ditches and culverts.

It was back here that Atlanta police got word of an assault and robbery during the wee hours of Sunday morning.

It all started around 2:45 am when victim Bo Cleary says he contacted the Uber ride-sharing service for a pickup outside Churchill's British Pub along Cains Hill Place.

Cleary told investigators that instead of going home, he wound up behind the church where the Uber driver and another man beat him, robbed him, then threw him down a drainage pipe.

Cleary's sister, Taylor Cleary, took to Facebook claiming there was already a passenger in the car when her brother was picked up using the Uber pool service, and that the two men proceeded to pull over, beat her brother unconscious, and then stuffed his naked body into a sewage drain.

Her post has been shared nearly 20,000 times.

She identified the Uber driver who responded on Facebook.

Uber driver Marc Lewis wrote: 'Let me say right now that all these allegations are false and everything she has posted is a lie."

A spokesperson for Uber, based in San Francisco, says that their driver 'never' picked the victim up, that the trip was canceled before it ever took place.

They also say GPS data proves that within minutes, the Uber driver had moved on to the next customer.
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