Two Harvey-related problems solved by ABC13

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Ted talks to a Houston homeowner outside her RV, where she is living temporarily. (KTRK)

After Hurricane Harvey, a lot of people learned that the repairs to their home weren't the only thing that could pop up and cause problems.

Companies that provided services for people came calling for their cash, even if homes weren't livable.

For the Lopez family, they didn't know for sure if they were going to stay after their home flooded. But they knew for sure they didn't want to pay another two years on an Alder Alarm contract to protect a flooded home.

How much time did she spend on the phone with Alder?

"Ten hours maybe," Jennifer Lopez said.

The company kept offering to delay payments, extend the contract, anything but canceling.

In an earlier Turn To Ted report, Alder let another storm victim out of their contract and promised other Harvey victims the same.

The Lopez family played our old story over the phone and then called us, we called alder and:

"They canceled the contract," Jennifer said.

"They were just done and they were sorry," Roland Lopez said.

Sharon Butler is another storm victim with bills to pay and a battle to fight, hers with AT&T.

"I lost everything," Sharon said. "I mean, I didn't have TV, I didn't have my home phone, it was gone and internet. That was all under water."

But in the crush and confusion of those post-storm days, she mistakenly paid her AT&T bill for two months, totaling $317.

She didn't even have service, she just wanted a refund.

"They weren't agreeing or disagreeing," Sharon said. "They just were not paying any attention."

She turned to our team and we got in touch with AT&T.

Now she's got the refund check and plenty of ways to spend it as she rebuilds.

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