How to protect yourself from turkey frying injuries, accidents

If you haven't bought that frozen turkey for your Thanksgiving meal yet, you may want to consider an another option.

Frozen turkeys can take days to completely thaw out which can complicate plans to fry up the birds.

Eyewitness News recently followed along as the Cy-Fair volunteer firefighters demonstrated just how dangerous the process can be. Ravi Maini with the volunteer department told abc13 there are some easy tips to prevent a fire.

"First thing a person should know is one, you never fry a frozen turkey. A frozen turkey holding moisture and water expands rapidly and when dropped into oil can cause a splatter and explosion," stressed Maini.

"Number two. You should never fry a turkey inside of a garage, inside your home, or near the side of your house because of that explosion potential. You could burn the house down."

Maini also said to make sure the fryer is in working order and do not overfill the tank. Also make sure you have an extended hose between the fryer and the gas tank itself.
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