Forget everything you know about baking: Turducken cake is a thing

LOS ANGELES (KTRK) -- While most people are searching for a sweet treat to cap off their Thanksgiving dinner, one Los Angeles baker is turning the tables and fusing dinner and dessert into one Frankenstein dish: turducken cake.

You read that correctly -- turducken cake.

The meaty masterpiece includes layers of cornbread, stuffing and sweet potato casserole, all "frosted" with mashed potatoes and topped with everybody's favorite three-meat treat.

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Los Angeles baker Bree Miller crafted the unorthodox holiday dish at the behest of writers from, who challenged her to top a fried chicken and mashed potato-based cake that she built last year.

Miller said that assembling the cake itself takes no time at all -- it's the individual dishes that comprise the curious cake that take the longest to cook.

Orders are already rolling in for the turducken cake, including one from popular rapper The Game.

Check out Bree's Instagram account to see more of her culinary work.
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