6 people hospitalized when truck crashed into nail salon

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee -- Security camera footage shows the moment a red pickup truck crashed into a nail salon, sending six people to the hospital.

The crash report states that a red Dodge pickup truck driven by Geroge S. Langley, crashed into Nails & Wax on Thursday.

WATE reports that five people inside the salon were injured, including several women and a 10-year-old girl.

Three of the victims have since been released from the hospital. The conditions were not available for the others.

The report did not indicate the presence of drugs or alcohol in Langley's system, however, it did list his condition as "sick."

Building owner Rob Sheets said the building is like one of his children. He developed the land the building sits on and built the shopping center in 2006.

He said that he's working with his insurance company to begin repairs and is counting on them to work out which of the multiple insurances involved will be responsible for different damages.

"He hit the back of the building and was sitting there. The truck was still accelerating and the tires were smoking, the smoke from the tires is what did the damage to this side," Sheets recalled.

Melissa Cherry, a loyal Nails & Wax customer, said she could have easily been inside the business when the incident happened.

"On weekdays, I'll just drop in and say, 'Hey Tommie, can you do my nails?' Something changed my mind at the last minute. I thought I'll wait, I'll wait until tomorrow to drop by," she said.

Cherry said she stayed up Thursday night praying.

"All night long I was thinking that could've been me sitting where the truck came into the building, in that amount of time, they've become family. You learn about each other. They're just great people. They're hard workers. They're trying to keep a small business going. Nowadays that's hard," she said.

The exact cause of the crash remains under investigation.
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