Residents along Trinity River displaced for about a month

LIBERTY, TX (KTRK) -- A cinder block building in Liberty is home to 47 people and has been since the Memorial Day floods because the Trinity River has yet to recede from parts of Liberty County.

"I'm glad we got some place to go. It's bad," one shelter resident said.

It is hard on the adults but harder for their children.

"There was an alligator and a gar fish trying to eat my brother," young Haley Davis said.

The Red Cross operates the neatly kept shelter and feeds everyone there. But it's not home. Some don't even know if their homes are still there because water still covers roads.

"All we can do is cry because we can't do anything," shelter resident Virginia Burr said.

FEMA met with the county judge Friday to discuss where to open a disaster center. It's a start, but for people at the shelter, there's still a feeling they've been forgotten.

"It's like their whole life has been ripped out from under them and it just breaks my heart," said Pamela Burr, whose family lives in the shelter.
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