Person of interest in judge shooting charged with murder in another case

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Houston Chimene Onyeri is now the main person of interest in the weekend assassination attempt of Austin area Judge Julie Koceruk. But there is another twist. Houston Police has now also charged Onyeri with a murder in Southwest Houston that occurred last May.

Tuesday morning, Houston and Austin police combed through the home the younger Onyeri shared with his dad, Innocent Onyeri. The elder Onyeri says he was shocked by the accusations and the charges.

"I don't feel happy. What's more, I am confuse," said Onyeri the father. "I don't have any idea what is going on."

Tuesday afternoon, Houston police charged Chimene Onyeri with the murder of a man that happened just blocks from his southwest Houston home last May. Even though the murder at Falls of Bellaire, an apartment complex, is unrelated to the Austin case, sources tell Eyewitness News that ballistics from both scenes matched. That link could be crucial as the investigation continues.

The elder Onyeri insists his son stayed on the couch all weekend.

"He had nothing to do with that," said Innocent Onyeri. "All throughout the weekend he was here. His lawyer (for another case) even asked him was he here? Friday Saturday? He was here. He was here."

Austin detectives spent hours collecting evidence from the Onyeri home. Back at the state capital, the Austin Police Chief promised justice.

"When you attack a judge simply for doing his or her or her job, which I think eventually that's what this is going to end up being the case in this case. It's really an a attack on the fabric of society," said Chief Art Acevedo.

Records show Onyeri has an extensive criminal history, including a credit card and identity fraud case pending in Kocurek's court. His father admits his son is currently on probation, but insists most of his problems stem from the friends surrounding his son.

"Chimene should be careful of the company he keeps."

Judge Kocurek is still recovering in an Austin area hospital.

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