Booking a flight for Spring Break? Ship your luggage to save money and hassle

If you are thinking ahead to spring break travel, you can skip the hassle and cost of checking your luggage, thanks to new companies that can ship your bags in advance.

Traveler Brittaney Barnes says it's a service she would consider after traveling with her husband, 14-month old baby Asher, and two carts full of luggage.

"We don't pack light, the baby requires his own luggage, his own suitcase," Barnes explained.

Checking bags can be a big hassle for any traveler, and then there's the worry of making sure you receive them on the other end.

"I've had them not appear before, so I know what it's like to deal with them not being there," passenger Manuel Garza said.

Instead of waiting anxiously for your luggage to come out on the carousel, companies like LugLess promise to deliver to your hotel or destination.

"It's liberating to ship your bags instead of checking," Aaron Kirley, president of LugLess explained.

You book online selecting your date of travel, size of the bag, and shipping speed. Then, print a shipping label from the website, and drop off your bag at UPS or FedEx, or for an added $6 fee pickup at your doorstep. But you have to plan and pack in advance.

The slowest and most affordable service is three to four days shipping within the U.S., and it costs $27.99 for an average-sized bag -- a marginal saving compared to the airlines.

United, American, and Delta for most flights charge $30 for the first checked bag, $40 for the second, but the price goes up from there.

But for Barnes, the real savings is in the convenience.

"Being able to travel through the airport with his car seat and his stroller and not having to worry about getting the bags, that would be amazing," Barnes said.

The company will also ship items like golf clubs, skis, snowboards, strollers, and car seats, but not wine or firearms.

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