Photographers create stunning time-lapse video of one night in Las Vegas

This time-lapse video of Las Vegas at night is truly stunning.

Photographers Michael Bloom, Arlene Ziordia and Aaron Keigher set out from Los Angeles to capture the awe and aura of Las Vegas at night. The trio dodged crowds and drunken tourists to get the amazing footage of "Sin City."

"By the end of the night our cameras were begging us to give them a second to catch their breath," Keigher wrote on Vimeo. "Vegas was alive all night with its flashing signs, neon lights and colorful individuals. The streets were still buzzing with people at 4:00am and only showed signs of slowing down when the sun finally started to rise."

The video is clearly stunning, showcasing the iconic bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip and historic Fremont street, all before sunrise hit at 4 a.m.

"So what's next? One Night in New York? Los Angeles? Chicago? Miami? Who knows," Keigher wrote. "But for now...Viva Las Vegas!"
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