Looking for a cheaper way to travel? Why you may want to try an RV

If you're looking for a last-minute weekend getaway with the entire family, and you want to save money on the trip, you may want to hop in an RV.

"You can get a five star hotel or you can get five billion stars that you can sleep under in a recreational trip," Jeff Cavins, CEO and Co-founder of Outdoorsy, said.

With Outdoorsy, you take your vacation with you.

"It's a hotel on wheels. Fifty-four million of these primarily sitting in people's backyards and driveways are unused 97 percent of the time," Cavins said.

Outdoorsy is a global marketplace for motor homes, camper vans, trailers, and more.

"When a user goes to the website, they type in the location where they want to go," Cavins explained.

You'll see a screen full of hundreds of RVs in your area with filters just like hotels to narrow your search results.

They range from $99 a night for a trailer hook-up to $498 for a luxury coach motor home that even has a washer and dryer inside.

"The average cost savings of renting an RV and traveling by air is between 21 and 64 percent for a four person travel party," Cavins said.

As for RV owners, you can make money by renting out the vehicle.

"You can make about $50,000 a year with a class B camper van," Cavins said.

One Spring woman, Brittany Kay, started with just one RV on Outdoorsy and today she has a thriving business, TX RV Adventures. Kay has 16 RVs available for rent.

"I had someone come up to me in the bank. She knew I had an RV and said, 'Hey would you be interested in renting me your RV?,' and I thought, 'Absolutely not.' I didn't trust anyone with my giant personal motor coach," Kay explained.

But after doing more research, she decided to go for it.

"Found Outdoorsy, put our motor coach online, and before you knew it, it had so many rentals non-stop booked, we couldn't even use it," Kay said.

TX RV Adventures is located in Spring at 6149 FM 2920. You can show up to the lot to view the RVs or you can book online.

"We have a three day minimum. We teach you how to use it. It's a one hour class how to operate the refrigerator, slide outs, everything you need to know," Kay said.

Kay's business offers all types of RVs from an R-pod fully loaded with a dining area, shower, bed and kitchen to an RV that sleeps up to eight, complete with a master bedroom, fireplace and TVs.

Kay says that if you're thinking of renting, you may want to try somewhere local first such as Big Bend or Lake Livingston, and plan to camp at a site you really want to visit instead of picking up and moving every day.

"Everyone's insured. We insure the renter, all the items in the listing. We insure the owner. If there are any liabilities we cover those, and then we insure third parties, so if you were to bump into someone else's car at a gas station or something, they are covered too," Cavins said.

You should be aware of the following fees:

-Generator fees: If you go over the number of hours, it can cost you a few extra dollars.

-Miles: Each day comes with a limited number of miles, but you can add more if you're taking a long trip.

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