Have you noticed a difference in your car? It could be due to the freeze

After the freeze, drivers may notice their car is not performing as well as it did before.

Here's some tips for your car:

If you haven't driven in the last week, the very first problem you might notice is that your car won't start.

It's most likely because of a dead battery. But don't worry, there's good news! Jumper cables are relatively easy to use and will likely start your car right up. If your battery is more than three years old, you may want to go ahead and replace it.

Below freezing temperatures can also wreak havoc on windshield wipers. The blades can become brittle or crack. You should replace your wipers every six months, so go ahead and swap them out if it's time.

And we've all experienced deflated tires after cold weather. When the air in your tires get colder, the air shrinks and your tires become underinflated. Check your tire pressure frequently, and inflate your tires to the proper pressure. Your tire's recommended PSI is on a sticker just inside the driver's side door.

Cold weather can also compromise the performance of electric vehicles. In fact, they can lose range. So if you are taking a long trip, make sure there's an opportunity to charge before your vehicle loses power.

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