Doctor delivers baby on Paris to New York flight

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A doctor delivered a baby in mid-flight.

An off-duty doctor was called into action during a flight some 35,000 feet in the air.

And when he was done, there was one more passenger on board.

Dr. Sij Hemal says he was on a flight from Paris to JFK Airport last month when a flight attendant began looking for any doctors on board.

So he, along with a pediatrician sitting next to him, got up and offered to help.

They found a passenger in labor, with contractions coming faster and faster..

The closest medical facility was more than two hours away, and the baby had no intentions of waiting.

"So as her contractions started worsening, her water broke on the flight and that's when we could see the baby's head. That was the moment when I thought we had to just do this on the plane," said Dr. Hemal.

The makeshift in-flight team delivered a healthy baby boy.

Dr. Hemal says he's been in touch with the mom and baby Jake, and everyone is doing great.
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