Bags ruined by sewage leak at Nashville airport

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (KTRK) -- An overflow coming from a single toilet caused multiple bags to be coated in sewage water inside Nashville International Airport's baggage claim area.

Folks at the airport began noticing the problem before dawn Wednesday. It appeared paper towels were stuffed down a toilet bowl in the women's restroom causing the water backup.

WTVF reports the leakage ended up sending contaminated water on bags. About 380 pieces of luggage were taken off the carousel shortly after the discovery, but officials believe just some of those bags were affected.

The leak also caused a 10- to 20-minute delay of 10 flights as officials sorted through the bags.

It's not known how many bags were withheld from passengers.

Southwest Airlines, which was the affected carrier of the leak, said it would replace some of the bags, but did not offer flight vouchers.

Unfortunately, this was not the first time the airport has suffered a leak, and officials are mulling "structural changes" to its drainage system.

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