Planning a trip? Experts say book now for cheap flights

Most flights are grounded right now due to the coronavirus pandemic, but you can still make air travel plans for later this year. You could even score a deal.

"Everyone is itching to go somewhere. They're looking," said travel agent Angela Stewart of In the Wind Travel.

Stewart says flights starting as early as this summer are cheap, whether you are looking to fly domestic or international.

"I have played with it, even looking for flights to Greece. They are ridiculously inexpensive compared to what they normally are," she explained.

In fact, ABC13 found flights from Houston to Athens in September for less than $600 round trip. Stewart says if you wait to make your plans, you'll see a bigger price tag.

"The flights are probably going to be much more expensive than they are now because it is still a business, and they have to get back what they have lost during this time."

And an added perk if you book now: you may have more flexibility. United is waiving change fees for flights booked by April 30. But regardless of the airline, you still want to read the fine print.

"Sometimes you can buy a ticket that is dirt cheap, and there's a reason for that. There's no name change. There's no modifications, no cancellations, anything that can happen, if you do you lose your money."

If you book your flight, and it's cancelled due to the pandemic, Stewart says the airline should refund your money.

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