New video shows transgender student was bullied before alleged brutal attack at Tomball High School

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A transgender student in Tomball is charged with assault for a school fight, but a woman says she has evidence that the accused teen had a history of being bullied.

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Transgender student charged in brutal attack at Tomball High School says she was bullied

According to a police report, Tra'vez Perry told the school resource officer the other kids were bullying her, claiming her classmate posted a negative comment about her on social media.

A student's mother, who did not want to be identified, also came forward with the new video and says it shows the bullying Perry endured while transitioning from male to female.

"They were dancing having a good time and then somebody was throwing a Gatorade bottle at them," the student's mother said. "You can see in his reaction how it's like how a person's upset and when they're being picked on."

The woman says her daughter said the Gatorade bottle can be seen in Perry's hand as she confronts the student that threw it.

She says it's clear to her the teen has been picked well before the brutal fight took place.

"My heart just really sank for this person. Even though I know what they did was wrong, and what they did could have hurt people, there were reasons behind that," she told ABC13.

Even though Perry is facing criminal charges, this mom thinks she needs as much love and support as everyone else involved.

"Both sides should make amends. There should be consequences on both sides," she said. "Because it's not right. Words hurt and they affect people"

Perry was arrested for kicking and punching two students at Tomball High School and is due back in court Monday.

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