Some defending transgender Tomball High School student charged with assault for fight

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The video of a fight inside Tomball High School with a transgender student who says she was being bullied is getting strong reaction.

Nearly everyone we spoke to in Tomball has seen the video. Many sympathize with the transitioning student, 17-year-old Tra'vez Ramilton Perry, but are still appalled at the violence.

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"To me that looked like she was trying to kill her," said Caroline Cobell.

Police say the video shows Perry throwing punches, hitting and kicking a female classmate that she says has been bullying her. The Tomball police report also states that Perry knocked out a male student before the video begins.

Perry is now charged with assault.

Cobell first saw the video when her son, who is a senior at Tomballl High School, showed it to her after school.

"He showed me the video and I said, 'that did not happen at your school, that is violent, that is very graphic, very horrific.' I said, 'this is one of those viral videos going around on the internet.' He said, 'no Mom, this happened at school,'" said Cobell.

Perry's attorney told the court that Perry is transitioning to female and the camera does not show the bullying that Perry endured prior to the fight.

"He should be in jail, it is just uncalled for," said Patrick Campbell.

Campbell has grandkids who attend Tomball ISD schools and says no matter if bullying occurred, the violence caught on camera has no place in school.

"If they were teasing him, he should have talked to the principal, or the teacher and turned them in, but you don't do that. That's brutal. I don't care how you look at it. That is brutal," said Campbell.

We have learned Perry is in foster care. We contacted her guardian who referred us to the school for more information.

The district has an app for reporting bullying, but they have not told us if it was used in this case.

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