Fort Bend County and The Woodlands reduce transportation offerings

With many people staying home, we have seen huge cuts in METRO's service, especially in Fort Bend County and The Woodlands. These areas have slashed their bus and shuttle offerings, in addition to METRO, in the wake of the Covid 19 crisis.

The Woodlands Township has stopped The Woodlands Express Park and Ride from the Sterling Ridge and Sawdust locations. The Research Forest Park and Ride is still open, with routes and schedules unchanged. Those buses will continue serve Downtown Houston, The Medical Center, and Greenway Plaza. Lower demand means there will be more space on the buses to allow for social distancing. You can purchase tickets using the mobile app.

In Fort Bend County, ticket purchases are now available only online. All routes are in operation, but seating capacity has been reduced by 50 percent per bus... to prevent crowding. Additional buses will be in circulation to accommodate the change. The TMC route will only transport 20 passengers at a time and The Greenway/Galleria route will only transport 16 passengers.

METRO's changes: buses and rail are on a reduced schedule, HOT/HOV lanes operated by METRO are closed, and all Park & Ride Routes are suspended except those serving the Texas Medical Center.
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