Snowdrop Foundation want city to take action on illegal dumping

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Everyone seems to agree it's something awful to look at but it's been difficult to track down who is responsible for cleaning it up.

A trail of trash can be seen at the edge of two cities and two counties.

"I guess one person leads to another person to another person and now you literally have over thousands of pounds of stuff," said Kevin Kline, president and co-founder of the Snowdrop Foundation.

Organizers at the foundation want it gone by the start of their big annual fundraiser, which raises about $200,000 for pediatric cancer patients at Buffalo Run Park in Missouri City.

The charity says they would have picked up the trash themselves but it's so out of hand, it needs hazmat handling and they don't have those capabilities.

The 55-hour Ultra Race draws runners from all over the country.

"Guests will be driving on Settemont, but the run goes parallel to Settemont and with no leaves on the trees, it is very visible. Very visible to our out of state guests. Not even out of state but our out-of-area guests," said Kline.

The charity says it's been going back and forth between city and county, Houston and Missouri City, Harris County and Fort Bend County for almost a year.

Fort Bend County Precinct 2 Commissioner Grady Prestage said they are working on a plan to get crews out to the site this week.

"We're extremely hopeful that with your help this can definitely be taken care of. It's a big project, there is so much stuff there, but yeah it would take a day for city workers to get it taken care of," said Kline.

Precinct 2 says its finalizing its plans. We'll keep checking back to see if they meet the deadline.

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