Extra Shuttle service connects Midtown, Galleria, and Downtown during Super Bowl week

HOUSTON -- It's pretty tough to navigate Houston without a car, but METRO is helping visitors and YOU do that during super bowl week, with additional shuttles connecting Houston's hotspots.

The Midtown Circulator shuttle makes 14 stops in midtown and in runs for ten days, from Saturday the 28th through super bowl Sunday... (MAP)

11:34:23 so the goal is they get to experience all that is going on in midtown and all of what's going on in the galleria area and also having links between each area

Lauren Barrash runs the Houston Wave jitney shuttle, but METRO and the Super Bowl tapped her home-grown business to run the Midtown Shuttle.
With the upgraded seats, stereo and LED lights, it's more like a limo, and it's free to hop on and hop off.

"It's not at all what they are expecting, it s not even like an airport shuttle, it s a much more fun environment," Barrash explained.

The Midtown Shuttle also makes a stop right here at METRO Rail's Red line, so visitors will not have to use a car to get from midtown to downtown

METRO's Galleria Shuttle connects the Hilton Houston Post Oak and the Galleria to downtown, stopping at Austin street and Texas Avenue.

"I think of the galleria shuttle, much like you think of a park and ride service, just minimal stops that bring you right in," Jerome Gray, METRO spokesperson said.

Galleria shuttle service runs Wednesday through Sunday and costs $2 each way. The shuttle is designed for visitors staying in the Galleria Area, but savvy Houston commuters can also use it to park... and ride straight into the action downtown.