Big billing mistake now costing drivers $177,000

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- It's been going on for months. November, December, January and through the 4th of this month you could have been driving though an EZ Tag lane and didn't know that you didn't get charged. Until now.

Close to 115,000 people will now be charged by the Harris County Toll Road Authority, if you drove on the Grand Parkway. A total of $177,000 will be collected. Watch your EZ tag statements, those charges will hit over the next few days.

What went wrong?

TxDOT operates the Grand Parkway tolls and TxDOT blames its tolling vendor company Xerox for the mistake. TxDOT says the information was filtered incorrectly because of a system update and tolls were never charged.

Many drivers had other ideas for the delayed charges.

Omari Traylor said, "I think you should just consider that as a wash. With just saying this happened retroactively and you need to be okay with it."
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