Best day to buy gas in Houston is Tuesday, survey finds

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Most drivers would do themselves a favor by filling their tank early in the week. But it all depends on where you live.

According to a new analysis by GasBuddy, a service that helps users find inexpensive gas in their area, gas prices regularly fall in much of the country at the beginning of the week. In Houston, Tuesday is the best day to buy gas.

And for Houstonians, Sunday is the most expensive day of the week to fill up.

While Austin lines up with Houston, in San Antonio and Dallas, the best day to buy gas is Monday. Avoid buying gas on Friday around the Fort Worth area, and if you're spending the weekend at the Riverwalk, know that Saturdays are the most expensive day to buy gas in San Antonio.

According to GasBuddy, motorists can save hundreds of dollars each year by optimizing their gasoline purchasing habits.
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