Parking comes with 'Astro-nomical' cost at Minute Maid Park

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Monday night is all about the World Series champion Houston Astros, but titles come with a price, literally.

Folks who came to the game at Minute Maid Park were met with astronomical prices at parking lots near the ballpark.

If you want a spot in front, it will cost you. We found spots going for $60 located right across the street from the stadium.

If you're okay with parking three or more blocks away, we saw lots charging as low as $30 for a spot.

The average spot closer to the venue was about $40.

We did see lots getting more expensive closer to game time, so getting here early can literally pay off.

"I think that's ridiculous," said Astros superfan Deana Roberts. "I'll be honest with you, especially when you see the signs of $7 for the day. If you're just coming down to work versus $50 to come to the game. I think they're taking advantage."

Next time you plan a trip to the ballpark, you can get help from a website for downtown Houston parking. It shows you where there are parking garages, how many spots they have, and how much that cost.

You can visit the site here.
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