New ramps and Southmore Bridge opening this spring

We have a construction update you may actually like for the Highway 288 Toll Expansion.

The construction project is in its final year, so while there are still many closures for us to endure, here's a look at what's opening soon.


SH-288 SOUTHBOUND TO 610 EASTBOUND- Construction crews plan to open this ramp before the Rodeo Cookoff.

SH-288 NORTHBOUND TO 610 WESTBOUND- This ramp is scheduled to open by mid-March.

THE SOUTHMORE BRIDGE- The roadway bridge is expected to open in April, and the pedestrian bridge should open next year.

THE SOUTH LOOP AT SH-288- You'll soon see more lanes available. Right now, it's just two lanes in each direction, but by mid-to-late April, 610 will have three lanes each way.

Barring any serious disruptions, the 288 Express Toll is still scheduled to open by the fall or winter of this year.
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