Houston's traffic NOT the worst in the world

To every Houston commuter's surprise, H-town does not have the worst traffic in the world. In fact, Houston doesn't even crack the top ten, according to a new report by transportation analytics firm INRIX.

According to INRIX's 2016 Global Traffic Scorecard, Houston ranked 24th in the world for congestion with the average commuter spending 51.6 hours in traffic each year.

Cities were ranked by the time the average commuter spent in congestion at the busiest time of day. Commuters in the number one city, Los Angeles, spend an average of 104.1 hours each years in traffic.

The only Texas city ranked in the top 20 was Dallas. It ranked 16th with an average of 59.4 hours stuck in traffic.

INRIX analysts examined congestion in 1,064 cities in 38 countries and calculated the percentage of time drivers spent in congestion at different times of the day and week using federal data.

According to the Global Traffic Scorecard, the most congested country is Thailand, with the typical commuter spending nearly 61 hours in traffic each year in peak congestion.

Though the U.S. came in fourth globally, five American cities rounded out the top 10 most congested cities in the world.

  1. Los Angeles, California (104.1)

  2. Moscow, Russia (91.4)

  3. New York, New York (89.4)

  4. San Francisco, California (82.6)

  5. Bogota, Colombia (79.8)

  6. Sao Paulo, Brazil (77.2)

  7. London, England (73.4)

  8. Atlanta, Georgia (70.8)

  9. Paris, France (65.3)

  10. Miami, Florida (64.8)
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