Dangerous U-turns: How to avoid them

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- One of the most frequent mistakes drivers make that can lead to dangerous accidents is going the wrong way in a U-turn.

Landon Hundley, a frustrated Houston driver, spoke with ABC-13 and expressed his concerns about the common and dangerous practice.

"I contacted you because I saw a common driving mistake when it comes to some of the roads that we have here in Houston," Hundley said.

"There are people out there who are doing it the correct way, and they are getting the brunt of the road rage," he continued.

The correct way to make a U-turn is going to the right side or "top side" whenever there is a median in the road.

Brad Coleman, a driving instructor, explained that in most U-turn situations you will go to the far side, or "top side" of the median.

But if turn lanes are present on one side or both sides, you go to the near side - or bottom side - of the median, Coleman said. If you go to the top, then you are blocking the other drivers' turn lane when they do their turn, and you start backing up traffic.

Avoiding this issue can prevent drivers from getting turned around, allow traffic to flow correctly and keep people safe on the road.
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