Pearland launches first park and ride service

PEARLAND, Texas (KTRK) -- Pearland commuters, you now have the chance to ditch the daily drive into downtown and the Texas Medical Center.

The City of Pearland launched its first-ever Park and Ride program in July.

Buses will leave from the Sports Complex at Shadow Creek Ranch, where there are 350 free parking spaces.

It will make 10 stops in the Texas Medical Center and nine stops downtown.

Riders will pay $6.50 each way, but the city is also working out a discount for monthly memberships.

Buses will run from 5:45 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. each morning, every 15 minutes, Monday through Friday.

Return service starts at 3 p.m., with the last bus leaving at 6:45 p.m.

The buses would run as part of a three-year pilot program with Kerrville Bus Company, but the city expects to get more funding through transportation grants once the project is up and running.

Here's a full list of potential stops:

Medical Center Morning Drop-off:

Milam @ Elgin

Main St @ Cambridge

Main St @ Dryden

Main St @ Southgate Blvd

Holcombe Blvd @ Richard JV Johnson

Holcombe Blvd @ Bertner

Holcombe Blvd @ MD Anderson

Holcombe Blvd @ Ringness Blvd

Ringness Ave @ Cafe Terrace

Sheehan Ave @ Debakey VA Hospital

Medical Center Afternoon Pick-Up:

Sheehan Ave @ Debakey VA Hospital

Ringness Ave @ Cafe Terrace

Holcombe Blvd @ Ringness Blvd

Holcombe Blvd @ MD Anderson

Holcombe Blvd @ Bertner

Holcombe Blvd @ Richard JV Johnson

Main St @ Southgate Blvd

Main St @ Dryden Rd

Main St @ MH Medical Plaza

Elgin St @ Louisiana

Downtown Morning Drop-off:

Milam @ Congress St

Milam @ Prairie St

Milam @ Capitol St

Milam @ Walker St

Milam @ Lamar St

Milam @ Polk St

Milam @ Bell St

Milam @ Pease St

Milam @ St Joseph's Pkwy

Downtown Afternoon Pick-Up:

Louisiana @ St. Joseph's Pkwy

Louisiana @ Pease St

Louisiana @ Bell St

Louisiana @ Polk St

Louisiana @ Lamar St

Louisiana @ Walker St

Louisiana @ Capitol St

Louisiana @ Prairie St

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