Motorists snarl traffic as they leave cars to grab cash

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

WEATHERFORD, TX -- A police dispatcher in the town of Weatherford says motorists who absconded with money that fell from an armored car are continuing to bring the cash back.

Tammy Payne said Sunday that money is still coming in, two days after a passenger-side door on a Brinks truck accidentally opened along Interstate 20.

Traffic came to a crawl as those traveling west along the interstate noticed the money and pulled over to pick it up.

Motorist Joel Aldridge said others stopped in the middle of the road and left their doors open.

Weatherford police spokesman Cmdr. Chris Crawford said detectives will investigate pursuing criminal charges against people who deliberately keep money.

It was not clear how the money burst from its plastic wrapping. Officers later recovered only a small amount.