Neighbors pitch in to help family with tornado damage in Friendswood

FRIENDSWOOD, TX (KTRK) -- Twelve tornadoes ripped through our area during last weekend's severe weather. Those new tornado numbers came out this weekend.

Today, people in Friendswood got some help with the overwhelming task of picking up the pieces left behind.

Thirty-two years of memories, tossed and torn apart, in just 45 seconds.

"It's kind of a heartache for all of us really," said Delayne McCullough.

The McCullough's of Friendswood were originally supposed to be home with two of their grandsons when the storm hit last week. A sudden change of plans and they were the only neighbors who were out of town on Chester Street.

David McCullough said, "We left home and had a real pretty home. We got a call to go back and it was like a bomb had gone off. It was just a disaster."

Their home was the hardest hit. It has been difficult but today an army of helpers showed up at their front door.

"When we saw the Calvary coming today it tugged at your heart to see all of these people that we don't know coming out to help us," he said.

The South Coast and Outlaw Jeep Clubs, Lighthouse Cooking Team, and many more from the Friendswood community stepped in to help.

"Stones, trees, roofing. You look around and think where did these people come from," said Delayne McCullough.

Within a couple of hours you could see so much progress and she adds, "I think there's a sense of hope in that, people care that much."

For the family it was also about the way total strangers made them feel.

David McCullough said, "Friendswood stands up to its name. Friends, wood, help friends."

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