SWAT TEAM: Tony Kemp's high jump saves Justin Verlander from falling bubble gum container

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- When Tony Kemp isn't hitting home runs, making plays in the outfield, or dream crushing, he's apparently saving lives, particularly that of Houston Astros ace Justin Verlander.

Kemp's superhero abilities kicked in after Tyler White homered in the ninth inning to give the Astros the walk-off win Wednesday night.

Tyler White's walk-off home run gives Astros win and 2.5-game lead over Athletics in AL West

During the Astros' victory celebration at home plate, Kemp tossed a bubble gum container in the air that appeared to be barreling toward Verlander's head on its way down.

Thankfully, Kemp is a watchful teammate and noticed what was about to happen, hopping in the air to swat it away.

"Life flashed before my eyes when I saw the container heading for Justin Verlander's head #SwatTeam," Kemp tweeted.

The heroic feat did not go unnoticed by Verlander who compared Kemp to a Hall of Fame Houston Rocket's player with another mighty knack for blocking: Dikembe Mutombo.

Maybe high vertical jumps just run in Houston athletes' blood. J.J.Watt has also shut down many NFL quarterbacks passes, thanks to his leaps.

Thanks for coming through in the clutch, Kemp!

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