Need a good laugh? Our favorite funny moments with ABC13's Tom Koch

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Friday, May 28, 2021
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Need a good laugh? Just watch some of our favorite moments with Tom Koch! We guarantee you, you can't help but smile at his dad jokes.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- ABC13's beloved longtime Eyewitness News anchor Tom Koch has kept a good sense of humor through it all. You just cannot say his name without mentioning his custom, clever and corny jokes.

Tom has kept us smiling and laughing through the 39 years he's spent here with us.

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We wanted to share with you some of our favorite funny moments with him.

"Finally this morning, times are changing and so are the legislators in Iowa. One of the biggest changes will be in the lawmakers' restrooms. They're adding diaper changing tables. Some people say lawmakers and baby diapers have a lot in common. They're both pampered."

And when you add longtime sidekick Don Nelson to the equation, you're bound to chuckle.

"The advice I just got from the satellite, always protect your dingo, Tom. That's the advice I got from down under," said Nelson in a newscast years ago.

To be clear, the story was about dog seatbelts.

"There are seatbelts for dogs and they've already got them in Australia. That's where the dingos are, Tom."

President and General Manager of KTRK, Wendy Granato, also shared some of her favorite moments with Tom.

"I think I probably encountered Don and Tom at the same time. You want to talk about a dynamic duo. What struck me then, and still strikes me now, is how unbelievably friendly, down to earth and wickedly funny the two of them are," she said.

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Tom ended the ABC13 morning newscast with a light-hearted and oh-so funny dad joke.

"The eastern Pennsylvania postal worker is covered with more than 300 Disney tattoos. Weaker says he hopes have 350 tattoos by Christmas, and the ultimate goal of 500 tattoos. I guess he can fit them all on him if they're mini tattoos. Sounds like he's Goofy," Tom said.

Friday was his last day anchoring his beloved morning show.

"A jumper cable walks into a bar and the bartender says, 'OK, I'll serve you but don't start anything'," Tom joked as he signed off.

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