Houston fans feeling heartburn with Herman's departure

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- There is no doubt that the sudden, if not unexpected, departure by former UH Head Coach Tom Herman has left some Cougar fans feeling bugged out.

"Same thing time and time again," said a clearly irritated Robert Gary. "We get these great coaches, and they want to claim they're committed, and they build us for a year and two and we have to start from scratch."

Indeed, less than a year after signing a 5-year, multi-million dollar contract, Herman is no longer a Cougar, and fans are feeling the pain. However, Cougar Legend Clyde Drexler says the university can work to change some things.

"We have to do a better job of keeping quality coaches," Drexler said.

Drexler says that the allure of a bigger football stage, with a better conference and the chance to contend for a national title are factors Herman just couldn't pass up. When the Big 12 failed to expand earlier this year, there was little doubt what would come next.

"As long as you're in subpar conferences, good coaches are going to leave you," Drexler said. "First, it was becoming a tier one school, now you got to get into a good conference to compete with the big boys."

Still, there are plenty of hopeful fans.

"I'm really not surprised he took that opportunity," said Weston Ludeke, the founder of the popular fan blog, CardiacCoogs.com. "As long as we continue to have the leadership that we do, here at UH, honestly we'll be fine."

Ludeke and other fans say it will be up to the administration, starting with Chancelor Renu Khator, to attract a coach like Herman. But perhaps one of the Cougar's biggest fans said it best today: Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner wished Coach Herman the best, then flashed a wide smile.

"There will be coaches that will come, and take the University even higher," said the Cougar alum. "I look forward to when UH plays Texas, and we beat coach Tom Herman like a rag doll."

The Mayor then flashed a the Cougars sign, and chuckled.
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