Dad accused of using toddler daughter to help him shoplift

SACRAMENTO, California (KTRK) -- Deputies in California are searching for a father accused of using his daughter to help him steal.

Stanislaus County Sheriff's deputies are calling the man the "father of the year."

Investigators say the man seen in these surveillance photos used his daughter as a decoy to shoplift possibly dozens of times, stealing about $1,000 worth of items from Dollar General stores.

"Grabbing items and placing it in her hands. Then going towards the back of the store, putting her down and getting the items and concealing them on his body, and then walking out the store," said Stanislaus County Sheriff's Deputy Raj Singh.

Detectives say their primary concern is the welfare of the little girl. They add that the father could face a child endangerment charge, which would be a felony.
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