Tire marks damage VFW post's yard in Wharton County

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

EL CAMPO, TX (KTRK) -- Veterans at VFW Post 2786 in El Campo are looking for the person responsible for tearing up their yard.

The grass is covered in tire tracks and turned up soil. Wharton County investigators say it looks like someone drove their truck in circles, slinging mud everywhere.

Tony Kasper and other veterans came out to take a look at the damage.

"I don't understand why," Kasper said, "I guess the kids got a brand new truck or something with 4 wheel drive, and they probably want to race or something, show off, and well, I hope they catch them."

Steven Hlavaty estimates it will cost the veterans more than $2,000 dollars to level the soil and re-sod the ground.

"As you can see, it starts from the road and goes all the way to the back fence," Hlavaty said, "Anyone out there that knows of anyone who would be so foolish to come out here, please let us know."

Kasper knows what he would do if his kids did something like this.

"They wouldn't have a truck," Kasper said, "It would be in the parking lot, for sale. Cheap."

Wharton County Sheriff's investigators have not identified any suspects yet. They ask anyone with information in this case to call 979-532-1550. If caught, the person responsible could be charged with criminal mischief.