Man documents wife's entire pregnancy in 90 seconds

A Northern California man worked through the anxiety of becoming a first-time parent by taking a photo of his wife every day of her pregnancy. The result is a charming time-lapse video documenting her growing belly.

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"We got rid of our nervousness through creativity," Byron Louie told ABC News.

"It was something to keep us focused. For us to have this thing that we were working on together, it just made us happy during the time to do it."

The video show's Louie's wife Monique standing in the same spot every day in what transforms from a bedroom to a nursery for their new baby. Bryon took nearly 300 photos of Monique over the course of nine months, ending with dad, mom and new baby Dylan posing together along with their "fur-babies" Dunder and Munster.

The video has gone viral, with more than 800,000 views on YouTube since Louie posted it May 31.
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