Flash of light spotted streaking across sky near Sugar Land

SUGAR LAND, TX (KTRK) -- If you were looking up at the right time around sunset tonight, you might have seen a flash of light go streaking across the sky.

David Nuno caught the light it on camera at about 5:30pm as he was looking northwest in the Greatwood area. He said the light lasted for about two minutes as it moved across the sky before it dissipated, or dropped out of view. There was no sound associated with it.

David wasn't the only one to see the streak of light. Others around him could be seen looking up and pointing, and more viewers have posted their own versions to social media.

Chief Meteorologist Tim Heller believes the flash of light was a jet with a short condensation trail.

One sports fan offered this explanation: "That's the ball Pujols hit off Lidge back in 2005! It's finally back!"

The streak of light wasn't the only mystery in the area today. Residents in Lake Jackson heard a loud boom that is so far also unexplained.

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People in and around Lake Jackson report feeling and hearing a loud boom.

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