Thieves with bad spelling steal Oregon family's Christmas gifts and ornaments

PORTLAND, Oregon -- A family already struggling to get by was hit by heartless thieves, who also can't seem to spell.

Suzy Leon says their Christmas gifts, decorations, shoes, electronics and the blanket her mother was wrapped in when she died two years ago were all stolen. The thieves even took picture albums.

Leon was at her bartending job Monday night when her wife Mercades came home to find their front door wide open.

The house was ransacked.

Most of the family's money goes toward rent, so they went through Portland Toy & Joy to get gifts for their 11-year-old son Michael.

"It's beyond me to think you could pick up something, especially at Christmas time that you know is for a kid and then the last thing you see when you walk out the door is my kid's picture. You're looking at the kid and you're like, 'Whatever,'" Leon told KOIN.

To add insult to injury, the thieves left a message.

"In my bathroom, they wrote on the mirror "Happy Hollidays" and they spelled it wrong. I'm like, 'Go back to school,' come on," Leon explains.

Leon says they also found an unused bullet in their living room, but adds she's thankful none of her family members were hurt.

"Just really glad that my family wasn't here and that we get to be together for another Christmas," she said.