Thieves drain bank account of nation's oldest veteran

AUSTIN, Texas (KTRK) -- Richard Overton is no stranger to making headlines. The oldest surviving World War II veteran and oldest man alive in the U.S. even met President Obama a few years ago, but this is one story he wishes he wasn't part of.

Somebody stole money out of his bank account, KXAN-TV reports.

The family of the World War II veteran and oldest-living man in the country says someone stole his money.

"It's a shock. It hurts. It hurts tremendously," Volma Overton, Richard's cousin, said.

It was this week Volma said Richard discovered someone used his personal account to buy several savings bonds.

"I don't know how they got his social security number and how they got his personal checking account number but those things they have," Volma said.

Volma wouldn't say how much money was taken but called it a "significant amount."

Volma hopes this will serve as a warning to others.
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