Package thief caught on camera stealing item from home in Mission Bend area

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Woman caught on camera stealing package from FedEx, Christine Dobbyn reports. (KTRK)

Friday morning the Magee's daughter was expecting a brand new iPhone to be delivered to their home in the Mission Bend area.

"That's an expensive phone," Bryant Magee said.

They say the phone never made it to the house.

The husband and father added, "When my daughter told me, I immediately said, 'Well there's no tag on the door, let me check the video footage.'"

The family was stunned by what they saw.

Surveillance video shows the FedEx driver showing up, then they see a woman pull up beside the van and come around the side. They can't hear the conversation but somehow the woman convinced the driver she could sign for the package and took off with it within two minutes.

Bryant's wife, Candice Magee, said she was outraged.

"I immediately went into action and called my daughter, and the police department. I was like 'look you see this stuff on TV. When it happens to you, your whole mentality changed.'"

The Magees want to know what led the driver to feel comfortable enough to hand over the package.

"That could have been something medical, even though it was a phone, it was a personal item someone has paid for," said Candice.

The woman took off quickly but the Magees hope between the video of the car and while distant, the pictures of the woman, police can track her down.

"You can't be stealing people's things. Get a job or something. I think she's a professional," said Candice.

As for the phone, the company she ordered it from is sending the Magee's daughter a new one. They said with the security measures on it, the stolen phone won't be much good to anyone else.

FedEx customer service has responded to the family by apologizing and saying this behavior is not typical and doesn't reflect the experience they wish to provide. They said they are investigating the incident.
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